Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Use Synology Surveillance Station video management system combined with facial recognition tools in schools, businesses, and other industries to improve the overall level of security through a new monitoring method.

Transform your surveillance with Synology Face Recognition

Smart Office Applications

  • Monitor heavily trafficked areas of the office, such as entrances and exits. When non-employees enter the office, the system can automatically issue a notification to alert the administrator.
  • Easily manage employee information using Synology Face Recognition;  administrators can import employee information into the face database in batches either manually, or from the local DSM or the domain/LDAP.
Smart Office Applications

Improve Campus Security

  • Record faces as they appear onsite. Security personnel can use facial photos to find identity matches and view information in the database.
  • Create a watchlist of prohibited persons. Set alerts for security personnel to be notified immediately once blacklisted people are identified onsite.
Improve Campus Security}

Optimize Smart Retail

  • Register profiles of VIPs (names, preferences,etc.) to inform service personnel when they arrive.
  • Faces of shoplifters can be registered in the database and blacklisted, so that an alert system can notify employees when they are detected.
Optimize Smart Retail

Worry-free privacy and security with local analysis

Synology provides complete solutions that keeps sensitive personal data safe.

Access files your way

All sensitive videos kept locally

All recordings, database, and analysis are stored and processed locally; there is no need to worry about the outflow of sensitive information or non-compliance with regulations.

Granular permissions & sharing

Ensure the safety of personal data

Only allow authorized operator to view the personal information of identified persons (e.g. name and phone number).

Collaboration made easy

Full control over data activity

The system log will record all data operations (e.g., user modification or the export of personal files from the database).

One-time expense

Only pay once for the hardware and camera licenses; all video analysis functions and software updates are free of additional costs.

Automatic response to events

When a custom event has been detected, a command can be issued by the system. For example, when a blacklisted person is detected, an alarm can be sounded to deter them.

Cross-platform integration

View the monitoring system at any time in a web browser or with Surveillance Station's exclusive desktop software.

API ready

Easily integrate third-party products or services with Surveillance Station with the API files we provide.

Effortless Integration

Compatible with 7,500 types of IP cameras; easily add video analysis function to your existing cameras.

Suggested model: DVA3219

  • Using deep learning–based algorithms Synology DVA3219 can accurately pinpoint the events you want to pay attention to.
  • Simultaneously monitor up to 32 cameras and perform real-time image analysis of 4 tasks 3
Suggested model: DVA3219


  1. Testing done by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under their Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT).
  2. Please go to this page for more information about Deep Learning NVR.
  3. The maximum number of supported video analyses depends on each model's specifications.

Surveillance Station

Synology Surveillance Station


  • Available on versatile platforms, including web browsers, the desktop utility Synology Surveillance Station Client, the PC-less platform VisualStation, the local NVR application Local Display, and the mobile application DS cam
  • Integration with over 7,500 IP cameras, Synology LiveCam, I/O modules, door controllers, IP speakers, and POS systems
  • Event detection with powerful video analytics and instant alerts
  • Centralized management for up to 5,000 IP cameras and 300 multi-site Synology servers
  • Recording backup and archive to remote servers

Live View

  • Available on web browsers, Synology Surveillance Station Client, Local Display, VisualStation, and DS cam (Learn more)
  • Provides a centralized interface for viewing live video from different cameras
  • Layouts:
    • Provides customizable layouts with up to 100 channels
    • The Sequential Rotation layout rotates layouts in a set order periodically
    • The Triggered Event layout switches to a layout when an event is triggered on one of its cameras
  • Supports multiple streams with individual resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and image quality settings
  • Supports dynamic stream adjustment by display size or event detection
  • Instantly displays motion detection, advanced events, digital input, tampering detection, audio detection, Face Recognition, and Deep Video Analytics events
  • GPU Acceleration reduces the CPU loading to provide a smoother display
  • Alert History provides direct access to camera, I/O module, and transaction device alerts and the corresponding recordings
  • Camera Patrol can be triggered by schedules, detected events, or I/O alarms
  • Supports snapshots with instant blur, mask, and download features
  • E-maps display the locations of multiple surveillance devices
  • Camera control options include zoom, focus, iris adjustment, auto pan, and auto object tracking features
  • On-screen display (OSD) buttons control video playback, drag and zoom, manual recording, and camera information display
  • Supports audio and digital output controls for external devices
  • Live View Analytics and Smart Search support motion detection, missing object, foreign object, camera occlusion, focus lost, and no-idle zone events
  • Fisheye Dewarping displays fisheye footage in rectilinear or panoramic view
  • Supports Joystick control to provide an alternative camera management option
  • Live Broadcast allows users to send live camera streams to YouTube
  • Web browsers do not support Layouts with over 36 channels
  • Live View may not display if the total camera resolution exceeds the capacity of the graphics card of the client computer
  • Web browsers and DS cam do not support Joystick, Fisheye Dewarping, Smart Search, and Live View Analytics (Joystick is supported on Surveillance Station Client, Local Display, VS960HD, and VS360HD)
  • Drag-and-drop e-map uploading is only supported on Chrome and Firefox
  • GPU acceleration:
    • Only supports H.264 and H.265 formats (depending on the graphics card of the client device)
    • Only compatible with Surveillance Station Client running on macOS, Windows 7, and Windows 10
  • Audio Output is only available over HTTPS connection via web browsers
  • Live Broadcast only supports streaming in H.264 format


  • View recordings via the Recording and Timeline applications
  • Recording Player image enhancement settings provide brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness options
  • Recording Player playback buttons control play/pause, previous/next frame, previous/next recording, forward/reverse playback, fast forward/slow motion, and digital zoom in/out functions
  • Supports label and bookmark features
  • Provides customizable layouts with up to 100 channels
  • Supports manual, continuous, motion detection, I/O alarm, customized, and action rule triggered recording modes
  • The pre-recording and post-recording time settings can include the footage of the 5 to 300 seconds before and after an event into the event recording
  • Supported recording download formats: MP4 and AVI
  • Supports recording file merge-and-download for complete video records
  • Users can add text and image watermarks to the recordings they wish to download
  • Supports recording backup to external storage locations or remote servers via Hyper Backup
  • Archive Vault provides offsite archiving with customizable time range, camera, and event mode selection to extend recording retention periods
  • Recording rotation can be triggered by retention time or storage size
  • Recording Index synchronizes the recordings listed in Surveillance Station with the actual files in File Station
  • Provides customizable recording storage with encrypted shared folder options for each camera
  • Edge Recording ensures uninterrupted recording on cameras with SD card support when they are disconnected from the Internet
  • Supports video truncating from 1 to 240 minutes
  • Smart Time Lapse condenses long recordings to 60-second clips
  • Share file links allow non-Surveillance Station users to view and download recordings
  • Web browsers do not support Layouts with over 36 channels
  • Encrypted shared folders cannot be accessed via NFS
  • Videos cannot be locked during the recording process
  • Watermarks are only available on Synology Surveillance Station Client
  • Recordings with watermarks cannot be authenticated by Synology Evidence Integrity Authenticator
  • If the recordings you wish to download are in different resolutions, watermarks cannot be added
  • Setting the pre-recording and post-recording times over 10 seconds may affect system performance due to increased memory consumption
  • 300-second pre-recording and post-recording times are only supported on Synology servers with a memory capacity of 4 GB and above


  • Provides instant notifications via SMS, email, and mobile devices
  • Supports Action Rule triggered notifications
  • Allows customization of the notification contents of each event
  • Supports notifications of IP cameras, I/O modules, Surveillance Station Client, VisualStation, CMS recording servers, and external devices
  • Provides notification combination options to reduce excessive messages
  • Provides notification muting options to prevent interruption
  • Supported email providers include Gmail, Outlook, QQ, Synology MailPlus, and customized SMTP servers
  • Allows two email notification recipients
  • Event snapshots can be attached to notification emails
  • Supports push service DS cam and DS finder
  • Only administrators can modify notification settings
  • Event snapshots cannot be attached when the notification combination function is enabled


  • Provides a centralized management platform for all Surveillance Station applications on recording servers
  • Maximum recording servers/IP Cameras in a CMS structure: 300/5,000 (Learn more)
  • Supports cross-domain CMS deployment (Learn more)
  • Supports QuickConnect ID, IP address, and FQDN connection
  • Supports migrating IP cameras and their recordings between servers
  • Grants CMS hosts servers full management over the licenses of recording servers
  • Allows flexible pairing relationships between the host, recording, and failover servers
  • Failover:
    • Supports automatic failover protection of recording servers to multiple failover servers (Learn more)
    • Device licenses can be migrated to failover servers
    • Recordings, snapshots, and archived videos can be failed back to recording servers
  • Failover servers must support the same number of cameras as the recording servers
  • All servers in a CMS structure must run the same Surveillance Station version
  • CPU performance may be affected if more than one-third of the recommended number of supported cameras are installed on the host server (Learn more)
  • Failover downtime is determined by the number of cameras to be transferred and the CPU computing power of the failover server
  • Camera migration can only function via SMB services
  • The default licenses of Synology products running as failover servers cannot be used


  • Automatically signs out inactive users to ensure security
  • Provides high performance/high quality video scaling options in the Timeline and Live View applications
  • Privilege Profile:
    • Provides customizable permission management of servers, IP cameras, I/O modules, and applications including E-map, Live View, Timeline, Recording, Log, Snapshot, and Home mode
    • Manager privileges grant users full control over all functions
    • Spectator privileges only allow users to view and operate authorized functions
  • Log:
    • Event logs keep a record of camera, I/O module, Face Recognition, and Deep Video Analytics events and the corresponding recordings
    • Supported log download formats: HTML and XLSX
    • Supports rotation by day, size, or log number
    • Supports sending logs to syslog servers
  • Action Rules can be triggered or scheduled to execute surveillance device actions
  • Supports Dual Authorization with up to 20 supervisors (Learn more)
  • The built-in NTP server synchronizes the time across devices
  • Supports domain and LDAP services
  • Only administrators can manage privilege profile settings
  • Users can only be added to groups from DSM Control Panel
  • Synology NVR servers do not support domain/LDAP services


  • Each Synology server comes with two or more default device licenses (Please refer to the datasheet of your model for the exact number)
  • Allows scalable surveillance deployment with extra licenses
  • Device License Packs are sold separately with 1, 4, or 8 licenses (Learn more)
  • Grants CMS hosts servers full management over the licenses of recording servers
  • Supports offline license management via Surveillance Station Client and DS cam
  • Supports license migration between different Synology servers
  • Default licenses cannot be deleted or migrated
  • Certain surveillance devices may require more than one license (Learn more)
  • The default licenses of Synology products running as failover servers cannot be used

Home Mode

  • Allows users to set recording, notification, stream, and action rule settings that activate according to their Home location
  • Supports Geofence triggering via DS cam device locations with a GPS radius of 100-500 meters
  • Allows manual and scheduled (one-time/recurring) activation
  • Supports GPS and Wi-Fi assistance for higher positioning accuracy
  • Supports trigger-delay to prevent unnecessary activations when users enter and leave the Home radius repeatedly within a short time
  • Home Mode is not supported on servers in a CMS structure
  • Geofence can only be set up via DS cam
  • The power consumption of mobile devices may increase if GPS and Wi-Fi assistance are enabled

Comprehensive Camera Support

  • Complete ONVIF integration with Profile S for video streaming, Profile G for edge storage, and Profile T for H.265 video compression
  • Compatible with over 7,200 IP cameras from 140 brands (See the Surveillance Station IP camera Support List for more information)
  • Supports up to 128 IP cameras on a single Synology server (See the NVR selector for more information)
  • Provides customizable camera information display settings of timestamps, formats, and camera positions
  • Supports versatile event detection types, including motion detection, tampering, and PIR
  • Provides exposure mode settings to reduce image noise caused by light exposure or day-night mode switching
  • Supports PTZ controls with definable camera patrol paths
  • Integration with AXIS ACAP VMD and ACAP applications (Perimeter Defender, Cross Line Detection, Digital Autotracking, and Tailgating Detector)
  • Integration with Hikvision Smart Events
  • Integration with DAHUA IVS (Intelligent Video System)
  • Supports Field of View (FOV) for cameras to capture images with wider angles
  • Supports camera groups for easy management of large numbers of cameras
  • IP addresses in IPv6 format are not supported
  • Certain event detection types, PTZ controls, day-night mode, and FOV adjustments are only available if the camera supports the features

Intelligent Video Analytics

  • Supports Face Recognition and four Deep Video Analytics (DVA) algorithms: People and Vehicle Detection, Intrusion Detection, People Counting, and Deep Motion Detection
  • DVA Parameter Adjuster allows users to fine-tune parameters with existing recordings and detection results
  • Face Recognition and DVA detection results can be played back, downloaded, and locked
  • DVA Smart Tags automatically mark object types and specific behaviors
  • Face Recognition supports registering up to 10,000 user profiles with customized members, local DSM, domain, and LDAP users
  • Each Face Recognition task can recognize up to 25 faces simultaneously
  • Face Recognition, Intrusion Detection, and Deep Motion Detection support ignoring detection targets smaller than a set size
  • Intrusion Detection supports the detection of specific targets, e.g., people or vehicles
  • Face Recognition supports the detection of covered/uncovered faces
  • People Counting supports Crowd Detection events that trigger when the occupancy exceeds a set limit
  • DVA provides a Merge Counting tool that combines the headcount of multiple People Counting tasks
  • Supported People Counting report download formats: HTML and XLSX
  • Face Recognition and Deep Video Analytics are only supported on DVA series models (Learn more)
  • Deep Motion Detection is only supported on DVA3219
  • The number of available intelligent video analytics tasks depends on the model of your Synology server
  • The detection accuracy depends on the actual surroundings and task deployment
  • Face Recognition is not supported on servers running as CMS recording servers or failover servers
  • DVA features other than task, detection result, and archive settings are not supported on servers running as CMS recording servers


  • Supported CPU: Core i5 and above (Learn more)
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 and above, macOS
  • Supported web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox
  • Supported video formats: MJPEG, H.264, H.264+, H.265, H.265+, MPEG4, MxPEG
  • Supported streaming tunnel formats: MJPEG, H.264, H.264+, H.265, H.265+, MPEG4, MxPEG via RTSP over TCP, UDP, HTTP
  • Supported languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese Brazil, Portuguese European, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
  • Supported camera audio codecs: PCM, AAC, AMR, G.711, G.726, 16-bit PCM-LE (The supported codecs may vary according to the specifications of each camera)
  • Supported recording audio formats: MP3, Wav, AAC, Qgg, QMA, G.726, AMR
  • Supported E-map image formats: BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, SVG
  • Recommend web browser: Google Chrome
  • Recommended monitor resolution: 1920x1080
  • The supported video formats may vary according to the specifications of each client device (Learn more)

Synology DS cam


  • An intuitive mobile application on Android and iOS devices for viewing live streams, recordings, and snapshots from IP cameras connected with Surveillance Station
  • Provides real-time notifications for events triggered by surveillance devices


Multi View
  • Multi-channel live views and synchronized playback with multiple layout choices (1×2, 1×3, 2×2, and 2×3)
  • Allows users to choose display cameras and change the display order
  • Flexible playback speed control (from 0.25x to 5x), with key frame playback at maximum speed available
  • Shortcut panel with buttons for the following functions: playback controls, event switching, quick seek, snapshots, PTZ controls, optical zoom, timescale, two-way audio, manual access, and fixed aspect ratio
  • Supports dragging the timeline bar to an earlier moment to view recordings at the time
  • Supports pinching the timeline to adjust the scale or enabling Smart Timeline to automatically adjust the timescale according to your scroll speed
Single View
  • Available in both Multi View and Cameras tabs
  • Flexible playback speed control (from 0.25x to 5x), with key frame playback at maximum speed available
  • Shortcut panel with buttons for the following functions: playback controls, event switching, quick seek, snapshots, PTZ controls, optical zoom, timescale, two-way audio, manual access, and fixed aspect ratio
  • Supports dragging the timeline bar to an earlier moment to view recordings at the time
  • Supports pinching the timeline to adjust the scale or enabling Smart Timeline to automatically adjust the timescale according to your scroll speed
  • Mute/Unmute button to turn on or off sounds in the videos
  • Manual recording and camera setting adjustments available in the single view mode, including stream quality, digital output, preset position, patrol, auto-pan, etc. (Available options vary by device)
  • Allows users to manage all available cameras and view live streams, recordings, and event recordings from a single camera
  • Supports switching the display mode between List-view and Thumbnail-view and changing the camera display order
  • Provides camera basic information
  • Cameras can be enabled and disabled
  • Supports searching for cameras by keywords, sources, or statuses
  • Floating player to continuously play recordings without having to stay on the page
  • Allows users to view all recordings stored on Synology NAS/NVR
  • Flexible playback speed control (from 0.25x to 5x), with key frame playback at maximum speed available
  • Mute/Unmute button to turn on or off sounds in the videos
  • Supports searching for recordings by date, time, source, camera, lock status, and recording mode
  • Delete, lock, unlock, and download actions of recordings
  • Supports taking snapshots of the current video frame
  • Floating player to continuously play recordings without having to stay on the page
  • Allows users to view all snapshots stored on Synology NAS/NVR
  • Supports searching for snapshots by date and lock status
  • Delete, lock, unlock and download actions of snapshots
  • Sends push notifications when predefined events are triggered, with available notifications including system, camera, I/O module, speaker, VisualStation, server, access control, external device, Deep Video Analytics, Archive Vault, and clients related events
  • Notifications can be muted for a given period (20 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, or mute until today ends)
  • Do Not Disturb mode mutes all notifications within a specified time frame
  • Thumbnails for quick accesses to the single view page of cameras
  • Supports searching for notifications by keywords and read status
Home Mode
  • Geofence automatically activates Home Mode on Surveillance Station based on users' location
  • GPS and Wi-Fi assistance for better Geofence detection accuracy
  • Supports setting the Home location by using the current location, entering an address in the search bar, or dragging and dropping the location pin on the map
  • Supports adjusting the Home location radius to reduce possible detection errors (Available options range from 100 meters to 500 meters)
  • Supports pairing multiple mobile devices, activating and deactivating Home Mode when a paired device enters and leaves the set Home location (When there are multiple paired devices, Home Mode will be activated by the first device that enters the Home location and deactivated by the last device that leaves)
  • Adjustable trigger delay time to reduce possible miscalculations if users enter or leave the Home location range within a short time (Available options include 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 3 minutes)
  • Supports manually entering/leaving Home Mode
  • View, add, and delete actions of licenses
  • Offline license management for Surveillance Station without an Internet connection or within an isolated local network
  • Supports signing in with a QuickConnect ID over the Internet (Network latency may be higher than usual if the connection to Surveillance Station is made via the QuickConnect relay service)
  • "Remember me" option and login history for quick logins
  • Hardware decoding for system performance optimization
  • Passcode lock supporting fingerprint/Touch ID or Face ID unlock and passcode re-authentication settings for data security
  • Screen Mirroring (AirPlay) with options to cast the entire screen or play videos only (Only available on iOS devices)
  • Administrators can assign privilege profiles to users to allow only users with sufficient permissions to perform certain actions on DS cam or access certain devices (Privilege profiles must be configured on Surveillance Station)
  • Supported video codecs: MJPEG, H.264, H.264+, H.265, H.265+, MPEG4, and MxPEG
  • Supported audio formats: G711, AAC, G726, PCM, and AMR


  • DS cam requires Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above
  • Timeline in the Multi View page only supports Sync-mode
  • Preset positions and patrol paths can only be created on Surveillance Station
  • Enabling GPS and Wi-Fi assistance may increase device power consumption
  • The mobile devices are required to be connected to the Internet for users to add or delete licenses
  • Maximum supported resolution may vary by device
  • DS cam does not support multi-window mode/Split View

Synology LiveCam


  • Turns your Android or iOS mobile devices into an IP camera and pairs it with Surveillance Station
  • Records seamlessly even when disconnected from the Internet or paired Surveillance Station
  • Files can be downloaded and stored locally on the mobile devices


  • Portrait and landscape orientations for video streaming and recording
  • Controls LED flashlight of mobile devices for better illumination (LED flashlight can also be controlled from paired Surveillance Station and DS cam)
  • Power-saving minimizes device display brightness
  • Supports taking snapshots and stores the snapshots in Surveillance Station
  • Two-way audio to receive/send audio from/to paired Surveillance Station
  • Access to all Synology LiveCam recordings stored on paired Surveillance Station and mobile device
  • Supports searching for recordings by date, time, lock status, and upload status
  • Delete, lock, unlock, and download actions of recordings
  • Supports taking snapshots and stores the snapshots in Surveillance Station
  • When recording continuously without interruptions, the system automatically truncates recordings every 30 minutes; recordings in the seamless recording mode are truncated every 10 minutes
  • Supports viewing all snapshots, including snapshots taken by Synology LiveCam, paired Surveillance Station, or DS cam
  • Supports searching for snapshots by date, time, and lock status
  • Delete, lock, unlock, and download actions of snapshots
  • HTTPS-secured connection
  • Supports selecting device front camera as the streaming source
  • Supports recording without sound
  • Adjustable resolution and FPS (The available options vary by your device)
  • Adjustable video quality: low, medium, high
  • Video Stabilization feature (Only available on supported devices)
  • On-screen display information, including date, time, and custom texts, can be shown on the top or bottom of the video
  • Auto screen lock: 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes, or never
  • Motion Detection with adjustable sensitivity and threshold
  • Recording rotation by day/size
  • Recordings can be stored in any existing shared folders on paired Surveillance Station
  • Records seamlessly when the Internet or paired Surveillance Station connection is lost and uploads the videos temporarily stored locally once the connection resumes
  • Passcode lock that supports fingerprint/Touch ID or Face ID unlock and passcode re-authentication settings for data security


  • Each mobile device running Synology LiveCam requires a Surveillance Device License to operate
  • Synology LiveCam is only available with Surveillance Station 8.2 and above
  • Synology LiveCam requires Android 7.0 or iOS 9.0 and above
  • Seamless recording is only available with Surveillance Station 8.2.3 and above
  • Only user accounts belonging to the administrators group on DSM or with sufficient permissions can pair Synology LiveCam with Surveillance Station
  • Users cannot view live streaming without recording the videos
  • Video orientation cannot be changed once the recording starts
  • Video streaming consumes a certain amount of mobile device power
  • Video streaming may be interrupted by other system operations, such as launching another camera app or entering power saving mode, which block apps from running in the background
  • Video streaming is not available if your connection to Surveillance Station is made via QuickConnect relay service


  1. Please note that the figures marked in asterisks are derived from the Synology lab by using high-performance client computers with optimized network settings, and could vary in different environments.